Podcast: Watchin’ MLS with the Ginger and Joe (Episode III)

Beginning this month, WeFollowFutbol.com is proud to host the podcast “Watchin’ MLS with the Ginger and Joe.” Have a listen to the latest episode below!

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Stop it, Qatar


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Have you heard the latest news from Qatar? Migrant workers continue to be taken advantage of, all for the sake of staging the 2022 World Cup. Yep, that same World Cup which was awarded under suspicious circumstances.

The latest: Qatar’s promised reforms–which entail fairly paying workers on time, for one thing–have been pushed back more than two months.

From this article:

“Published reports say the new law would impact 50,000 companies and that the government felt some firms weren’t ready to comply with legal requirements to pay salaried workers by electronic bank transfer at regular intervals.”

Yep, it’s a lot to ask to pay your employees at regular intervals. Didn’t it raise some red flags that this wasn’t being done already?

Who’s up for a boycott of 2022? The more news I hear like this, the better ignoring the 2022 World Cup sounds. Seriously.

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