MLS Attendance Update: Week 35


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The 2013 Major League Soccer regular season is in the books! And what season it was. Through 323 league matches, a total of 6,010,487 fans made their way to MLS stadiums, resulting in an average attendance figure of 18,608 per match.

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Though cumulative league attendance reached six million for the second straight season, there was a bit of a dip in both the overall and average attendance figures from 2012 to 2013. Compared to the 2012 season’s marks of 6,072,677 in total attendance and 18,801 in average attendance per match, the 2013 season saw a 1.02-percent decrease in cumulative attendance and a 1.03-percent decrease in average attendance per match.

Sellouts, however, reached a new all-time high during the 2013 season. An impressive 112 of the season’s 323 matches were sold out, breaking the 2012 regular-season total of 108.

Five clubs (Real Salt Lake, San Jose, New York, Vancouver, and Seattle) recorded sellouts on the final week of the regular season while two others (Columbus and Philadelphia) played in front of 87 percent capacity or higher.

week 35 teams

Seattle recorded the fourth largest crowd for an MLS match on Sunday night, packing 66,216 into CenturyLink Field for a match against the Los Angeles Galaxy. This put the Sounders’ average attendance for the season at a massive 44,038, creating a new standard in league history.


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  1. Alex says:

    Hi Brett — Hope you’re well. I didn’t see you there for awhile, so i can only assume you got in trouble with the law and did some time behind bars. It might be the only thing that would keep you from posting! (well, that and moving across the country)

    Average attendance of 18,608 may have been a slight dip, but get this — NBA avg attendance last year was 17,348, NHL was 17,766. How about that!

    Jack Mac finally got some mojo back, too late of course. We’re out.

    I’m actually excited to watch MLS playoffs, even without the Union. Especially Seattle-Portland. It’ll be a Hippie War, for sure.

    Be well, good sir.

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