2012 MLS Attendance Update: MLS Cup Final

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The results are in, and they are very encouraging. The interest in Major League Soccer in the United States continues to grow in a linear pattern, with the 2012 regular season and postseason combining to create the best year of attendance in the league’s 17-year history.

At the conclusion of the regular season, the cumulative attendance figure reached its highest mark yet, just surpassing six million at 6,072,677. It’s only fair to consider the fact that because the size of the league continues to increase, more games are played each season. That said, the average attendance figure was the best it has ever been, coming it at an impressive 18,801 per match.

The 2012 MLS Cup Playoffs also carried the torch as being the best in the league’s history, generating a total of 335,343 fans through the 15 matches for an average of 22,356 fans per match. This brought the entire year’s total to 6,408,020 and the average to 18,959.

The Seattle Sounders and Los Angeles Galaxy recorded the two largest crowds of the playoffs, hosting 44,575 on Nov. 18 and 30,510 on Dec. 1, respectively. The Galaxy posted three sellouts in its four home playoff matches.

During the playoffs, eight of the 15 matches were sellouts, bringing the season sellout total to 116. For the entire year, 116 of the 338 matches played were sellouts. This means that 34.3 percent of matches played in the regular season and playoffs were at full capacity. Pretty impressive!

The bar has been raised in 2012, and raised in a big way. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to raise it even further in 2013! March and First Kick 2013 can’t come soon enough.

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  1. Christian says:

    Will you be doing a team by team analysis? I would like to see that.

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