2012 MLS Attendance Update: Week 30

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With 30 weeks in the books, the 2012 Major League Soccer season is 292 matches old. Only 31 matches remain before the playoffs begin and the action is coming down to the wire.

A total of 164,020 fans made their way to MLS stadiums during the nine matches of Week 30, generating an average of 18,224 per match. This brings the season attendance total to 5,406,776, netting an average of 18,516 per match. There were an impressive six sellouts during the week, bringing the season total to 93. To this point in the season, 31.8 percent of regular-season matches have been played in front of capacity crowds.

Week 30’s average attendance figure of 18,224 ranks 16th when compared among the other 29 weeks of the season.

Sporting Kansas City got the week off to a roaring start, playing to 113.8 percent capacity for its huge 2-0 win over the Eastern Conference rival Chicago on Friday night. The New York Red Bulls followed this up in the first match on Saturday evening, hosting 25,017 for a 4-1 demolishing of Toronto FC. New York’s second sellout crowd of the season—and first since Week 16—was treated to a brilliant display from designated player Thierry Henry during which he scored one goal and provided three assists.

Houston, Vancouver, Portland and San Jose registered the remaining four sellouts of the week.

Week 31 begins on Wednesday, October 3 when Chicago hosts Philadelphia at 8:30 pm EST.

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2 Responses to 2012 MLS Attendance Update: Week 30

  1. Alex says:

    Brett, does it feel like the MLS markets have firmly established themselves, as far as fan support. Do you see any average attendance markets ever becoming a great market, or vice versa? I’d be curious to know what you think.

    • Brett Compton says:

      Hi Alex,

      I see Philadelphia becoming a great market, once the club gets things together and starts winning. When I say great, I mean joining the likes of Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Houston, Salt Lake and Kansas City in terms of capacity percentage. The Union is doing a great job at the moment hovering in the 90s in that regard.

      I think that Columbus is on an upward trend at the moment but will not often get much above 17,000 or 18,000 in average attendance. Which is still solid, mind you. New York dabbles in that elite group during games like this past weekend but then has a few head-scratching low 50 percent capacity games. Montreal can also be in this mix with massive attendance figures but also some rather empty stadiums.

      On the downward trend, I think, is a club like Chivas. Consistent losing and playing in the same market as the Galaxy makes things quite difficult.

      I see San Jose and D.C. improving significantly with new stadiums. New England too, but not to such a high degree.

      Poor old TFC stands alone. This club has had a brilliant following, packing BMO week after week and season after season when the club has been just dreadful to watch. Unfortunately now it seems that even this group is showing up less and less often, something for which I think you cannot fault it. HOWEVER: once this club starts winning, we’ll all be talking about how hard it is to play in the BMO Field atmosphere.

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