Pre-Hexagonal Pep Talk

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We don’t support U.S. Soccer because it’s easy.

If we wanted the easy way out, we’d cheer for successful footballing nations to which we have no ancestral ties. Some do it, but that’s not for us. We cheer for the United States because we love football and our country.

This presents some interesting situations. On one hand, we are rewarded with magical moments, such as the Yanks’ 1-0 win at Estadio Azteca on Aug. 15. On the other, we must suffer through crushing defeats like the one just last night in Kingston, Jamaica.

We’re currently ranked No. 33 in the world, something of which some are questioning the fairness. This discussion used to be a one-way street: “We’re much better than our ranking!” Not everyone feels that way right now.

Tuesday’s match against Jamaica isn’t an elimination game. For all intents and purposes, though, it should be. Should the Yanks lose this one, only six points remain and we must win out in addition to depending on favorable results in other Group A matches.

We don’t support U.S. Soccer because it’s easy. We support U.S. Soccer because we love this game and this country.

I’ll see you in Columbus.

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  1. US Futblog says:

    Well said. Sometimes it feels good to say/hear those words. Our support shall never wane…

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